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Solar System Map

The Solar System map is the one which details the different aspects of the Solar System. The locations of the planets and their sizes are made clear due to the scale which is found at the map. It becomes easy to understand why certain planets are larger than others by measuring the distance between them and the Sun. The reason for the high and low temperatures of these planets can also be understood from their position and distance from the central star.

The Solar System map is especially recommended for children because of the vivid colors and the detailed visuals. They find it easier to learn about the different characteristics of these planets and satellites. It is important to explain to your kids that one foot equals to 3 billion feet in the Solar System.

The Solar System map which can be colored will make the entire process even more effective. Kids should be encouraged to practice on detailed maps at first and then on blank maps. Solar System projects become more interesting with the inclusion of a bright and informative map. These maps can be downloaded from the Internet and our site.
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